Throughout our book, in the observing chapters and in the Appendix’s bibliography, we recommend many other excellent specialized books, as well as Moon and star atlases to pursue your interest further. A few are shown below.

However, YouTube videos are now hugely popular ways to learn. Channels devoted to amateur astronomy and astrophotography abound! Because YouTube channels can come and go in content, our book doesn’t list them in the bibliography.

So, here is a selection of channels we follow, including some non-astronomy channels with reviews of interest to photographers. Click the video, then on the YouTube logo in the video frame to go to that channel. Do subscribe to them!

Introductions to Backyard Astronomy
Late Night Astronomy (Michael Martin) provides useful tips for getting to know the sky with monthly What’s Up videos.
Eyes on the Sky (David Fuller) provides tutorials on basic equipment use and more.
Learn to Stargaze (John Read) provides great tips on using telescopes and the best objects to look at.
Learn the Sky, one constellation at a time under the guidance of Janine Bonham.
Astrophotography Channels
From Ontario, Canada, Trevor Jones presents inspiring videos on his channel and AstroBackyard blog about deep sky imaging.
From Las Vegas, the Galactic Hunters, Antoine and Dalia Grelin, provide excellent reviews and tutorials on imaging.
Nico Carver of NebulaPhotos provides superb reviews of astrophoto gear, and tutorials for beginners and advanced shooters.
Diana Sosa, Your Favorite Astro-Nerd, provides her tips on deep-sky imaging.
From Wales, popular blogger Alyn Wallace provides tips and reviews, and his monthly What’s In The Night Sky.
Tips, techniques and equipment reviews on nightscape imaging from Richard Tatti in Australia.
Helena provides delightful tutorials and videos about her backyard astrophotography experiences from Scotland.
Cuiv, the Lazy Geek provides detailed reviews and astrophoto tutorials, all from urban Tokyo.
Shawn Nielson (aka provides PixInsight and advanced imaging tutorials from his backyard in Ontario.
PixInsight guru Adam Block provides tutorials on how to use the advanced software.
From the U.K. Ruzen Farsad provides lots of tips and techniques for backyard deep sky astrophotography. Also check his blog.
AstroStace provides tutorials on astrophoto gear as well as on general and specialized software for deep sky imaging.
Walt provides a humorous spin to his tutorials and gear guides.
Sarah Matthews provides thorough tutorials and tests of astrophoto gear.
From Holland, Wido Oerlemans provides gear reviews and excellent marketplace surveys.
Kemal Pekala provides reviews and tutorials for basic nightscape and tracker astroimaging.

Telescope and Binocular Reviews author Ed Ting provides excellent telescope reviews of all classes of instruments: both old and new models, for beginning and advanced users.
Jason Whitehead of provides thorough hands-on reviews of binoculars for all purposes and in all sizes.

General Camera and Lens Reviews
Canadian reviewer Dustin Abbott ( thoroughly tests cameras and lenses, sometimes with stars as subjects.
Chris and Jordan, from Calgary, provide entertaining reviews for PetaPixel of camera gear for all uses and users.
From Wales, Christopher Frost provides detailed reviews of camera lenses for all brands.
Gordon Laing, of, presents thorough and non-click-bait reviews of camera gear, from the U.K.

General Software Tips & Tutorials
James Ritson provides tutorials on using Affinity Photo for all purposes, including for astrophotography.
Anthony Morganti (I Am Mr. Photographer) provides useful tips and tutorials on many software programs and plug-ins.
Photoshop and Lightroom guru Matt Kloskowski presents great tips and tutorials on Adobe software plus ON1 Photo RAW.
From the U.K., Robin Whalley (Lenscraft) provides lots of tutorials on many software programs and plug-ins.

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