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Alan’s blog

Some recent tutorial blogs of possible interest to our book readers.
Links to the last 6 blog entries, from newest to oldest.
  • This short video, below, captures time-lapses of the trails of geostationary satellites through southern Orion. It demonstrates the “crowded sky” […]
  • Two major eclipses of the Moon and a partial eclipse of the Sun over eastern North America highlight the astronomical […]
  • On December 21 we have a chance to see and shoot a celestial event that no one has seen since […]
  • The annual Geminid meteor shower peaks under ideal conditions this year, providing a great photo opportunity.  The Geminids is the […]
  • On two clear evenings the Harvest Moon rose red and and large over the Alberta prairie. I present a short […]
  • A bright comet is a once-a-decade opportunity to capture some unique nightscapes. Here are my suggested tips and FAQs for […]

Astrophotography Video Courses presented by Alan

Written and presented by Alan and sold by All-Star Telescope. Click through to learn more.

Deep Sky with Your DSLR — From Field to Photoshop
A 9.5-hour video course with step-by-step tutorials on shooting and processing deep sky images.
Nightscapes and Time-Lapses — From Field to Photoshop
A 4.5-hour video course.

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