Geminid Meteor Radiant in Gemini

A composite showing the 2017 Geminid meteors streaking from the radiant point in Gemini at upper left, above the blue-white star Castor. 2 or 3 meteors are not Geminids as their paths do not project back to the radiant, but I have left them in regardless, as an illustration.

This also illustrates how the meteor paths are shorter closer to the radiant and lengthen away from the radiant.

This is a stack of 43 exposures, each 1-minute with the 24mm Canon lens at f/2.5 and filter-modified Canon 5D MkII camera at ISO 6400, set fast to pick up the fainter meteors. These were 43 exposures with meteors (some with 2 or 3 per frame) out of 455 taken over 5 hours.

Orion and its red nebulas are at right. The Beehive star cluster, M44, is at lower left. Sirius is the bright star at lower right.

The camera was on a Star Adventurer Mini tracking unit, so all the frames more or less aligned when stacked with the meteors in the correct relative position. The background sky comes from just one of the exposures. All the other frames are masked to show just the meteor.

Taken December 13/14, 2017 during the very active 2017 Geminid meteor shower, and shot from Quailway Cottage in southeast Arizona, near Portal.

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