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Ever since Stratford first opened its doors, our mission has been to provide the absolute best learning environment, coupled with educators who care and who are amongst the most highly qualified in their field.

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Published by Alan Dyer

Alan Dyer, now retired from a career as a writer and producer of science programs for science centres and planetariums, is one of Canada’s best-known astronomy writers. He serves as a regular contributor to SkyNews and Sky and Telescope magazines. He has co-authored several best selling guidebooks for amateur astronomers, including, with Terence Dickinson, "The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide." He published the multi-media eBook "How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and Time-Lapses," available on the Apple Books Store, Amazon Kindle, and as a PDF set from www.amazingsky.com. Alan is a member of the exclusive The World at Night photography group (www.twanight.org). As an amateur astronomer, his interests include astrophotography and deep-sky observing (he compiled some of the popular deep-sky observing lists in the annual RASC Observer's Handbook). Alan takes the opportunity as often as possible to visit the southern hemisphere to pursue both observing and photography under southern skies. His other obsession, eclipse chasing, has taken him to every continent, chalking up 15 total solar eclipses. Asteroid 78434 is named for him.

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