CHAPTER 5: Accessories


Orion Telescopes and Binoculars 
Vast on-line and printed catalog

Parallax Instruments
Tube mounting rings

Parks Optical
Telescope making components

Particle Wave Technologies
Premium portable piers for high-end mounts

Peterson Engineering Corp.
Add-on accessories for SCTs

Adjustable height permanent piers for telescopes

Precise Parts
Custom machined scope components and adapters

Procyon Systems
Add-on GoTo systems for German equatorial mounts

Telescope making components

Rainbow Optics
Unique spectroscopic eyepiece attachment

Rigel Systems
QuikFinder reflex sight, LED flashlights

Scope Armor
Telescope covers
Wheeled dolly-style cart for scopes

Durable telescope and mount/tripod transport cases 

Scope Roller
Add-on caster wheels for many scope tripods
All kinds of telescope accessories

Digital camera adapters & other accessories

Sky Engineering
Sky Commander digital setting circles
All kinds of telescope accessories

Educational solar projection scope

Add-on GPS unit for GoTo scopes

Precision focuser for SCTs; astrophoto accessories

Starlight Instruments, Inc.
Precision focusers for all telescopes


Tech 2000
DobDriver motorized system

All-weather telescope covers

Tele Vue Optics
Digital camera adapters, reflex finders, alt-az mounts and tripods

Teeter’s Telescopes
Dob shrouds and truss pole cases

TL Systems
Equatorial table kits

Universal Astronomics
Alt-az mounts

University Optics
Scope making and other accessories

Van Slyke Engineering
Premium off-axis guiders and focusers

Wildcard Innovations
Premium Argo Navis digital setting circles (sold in U.S. through JMI)

Wood Wonders
Ron Burrows’ beautifully hand-crafted observing chairs and illuminated eyepiece cases. 

Accessory Manufacturers

These companies, many small home businesses, make unique accessory products for the amateur astronomer. For binocular accessories, see listings under Chapter 2. For astrophoto accessories, see Chapter 13. For software, see Chapter 14.   


ADM Accessories
Mounting rings and dovetail systems

Portable domes and telescope covers

Astrometric Instruments
SkyWalker GoTo controls for Losmandy mounts

Astronomy Technologies
Voyager alt-az mount (See

AstroSystems Inc.
Nylon scope covers, collimation tools

Dewcaps and dew heaters

Various accessories, from the common to the obscure

Mel Bartel’s kits for stepper motor Go To systems for Dobsonians

Beam of Light Technologies Inc.
Laser pointers
Laser pointers

Bobs Knobs
No-tool knob kits for many scopes

Loads of accessories of all types

Cases and Covers/ Pacific Design
Cases, covers, bags and dewcaps for all scopes

Cats Eye Collimation
Laser collimation aids and observing chairs

Wide range of accessories

Denkmeier Optical Company
Binocular viewers for all scopes

DiscMounts, Inc.
Premium alt-az mounts by Tom Peters

Dob Stuff
Parts and kits for homemade Dobsonian projects

EarthWin Optical
Binocular viewers for all scopes

Equatorial Platforms
Poncet platforms for Dobs

Eyepiece Caps
Plastic plugs and caps for scopes and eyepieces

Farpoint Astronomical Research
Collimators and bino accessories
Guess what they make!

Half-Hitch Telescope
Premium alt-az mounts

Helix Manufacturing
Portable alt-az mounts

Hollywood General Machining
Mounting rings and systems

Hotech USA
Laser collimators and pointers

Howie Glatter
Laser collimators and pointers

Portable GoTo alt-az and equatorial mounts

Laser pointers

JMI (Jim’s Mobile Industries)	
Focusers, digital setting circles, cases, Wheeley Bars

Just-Cheney Enterprises
Insulated, foldable dewshields

Kendrick Astro Instruments
Power supplies, Dew Remover System

LaserMax Inc.
Laser collimators

LeSueur Manufacturing Co.
Permanent piers for various scopes

Finders, adapter tubes, photo accessories
Scope covers, SCT cooling fans

Meade Instruments
Wide range of accessories

Meridian Telescopes
Telescope making components

Moonlight Telescope Accessories
Premium Crayford focusersChapter_2_Links.htmlChapter_13_Links.htmlChapter_14_Links.htmlhttp://admaccessories.com

Travel: Tours and Astronomy Resorts

This is a selection of businesses that offer vacations, resorts, B&Bs and tours aimed at the amateur astronomer. Plus, for each major solar eclipse, dozens of companies offer tours; we have listed only major operators who have specialized in this type of travel for decades.

Astronomers Inn
Astronomy B&B and observatory near Benson, AZ

Arizona Sky Village
Astronomy community near Portal, AZ

Astronomical Adventures
Astronomical tours of northern Arizona

Astronomy Vacations/Mayhugh Travel
Eclipse tours

Caballo Loco RV Ranch
RV park catering to astronomers in SW Arizona

Chiefland Astronomy Village
Astronomy community in Florida

Deerlick Astronomy Village
Astronomy community in Georgia

Eclipse Traveler
Eclipse tour organizer

Kitt Peak Tours
Observing sessions at Kitt Peak Obs.

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures
Offering tours of the summit observatories and observing at Visitor
Center. See the Institute for Astronomy for advice on visiting Mauna Kea.

Mr. Eclipse Travel Page
Helpful tips for eclipse travelers from Fred Espenak

New Mexico Skies
Astro-resort near Cloudcroft, NM

Observatory B&B
Astronomy B&B near Osoyoos, BC

Ring of Fire Expeditions
Eclipse tour organizer

Sahara Sky
Hotel in Morocco catering to astronomers

Sedona Dream Maker B&B
Catering to astronomers in Sedona, AZ

Space Observatory
Prime destination for southern-hemisphere-bound observers in Chile
Also check out the site for the town of San Pedro do Atacama.

Spears Travel
Eclipse tour organizer

Starry Nights B&B
Astronomy B&B near San Antonio, TX

SunGlow Ranch
Arizona guest ranch catering to stargazers

Eclipse tour organizer And you can book a flight into space with Virgin Galactic!

Travel Wizard
Eclipse tour organizer

Domes and Portable Shelters

As described in Chapter 5, a growing number of companies offer permanent and temporary shelters and observatory domes for the amateur astronomer.

Ash Manufacturing
Professional domes

Astro Domes
Semi-pro domes made in Australia

Portable domes and telescope covers

Astro Haven
Unique clamshell domes

Backyard Observatories
Roll-off roof sheds

Clear Skies, Inc.
Domes, piers, shrouds

Durango Skies Observatory Solutions
Domes and roll-off roof buildings

Domes and observatories for the amateur

Kendrick Astro Instruments
Portable astro-tents

North Peace
Portable astro-tents
Professional domes

Domes and roll-off roof buildings

Sirius Observatories
Australian maker of domes

Roll-off roof sheds and unique SkyPod dome

Convert your SUV into a mobile observatory. No, really!

Technical Innovations
Home and robotic domes

Used and Surplus Telescope Gear
Donald Rothman’s vast array of used stuff

Surplus Shed
Optics and electronics

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• The only dealers and stores we have listed are those who have exclusive North American license to certain brands of telescopes. To locate local dealers, try the major manufacturers for links on their websites to their network of dealers.

• In all cases, these listings are provided for the convenience of readers of The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide and do not necessarily imply an endorsement by the authors of the companies or their products.


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